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About our programs and services…

Q - Can I bring my older child to classes as well?

A – Yes, you are more then welcome to bring your children of all ages to our classes. We partner with gyms that provide child minding services so that your older children can be watched while you work out with your baby. Please note that fees for child minding services are in addition to class pass / membership prices.

Please inquire with the instructor at your preferred location for more details on how to purchase child minding services.

Barrie, Ontario:
Sam Smith
Phone: 705-796-8608
Email: ssmith@mumandbubs.com

London, Ontario:
Jocelyn Davies
Phone: 705-305-1975
Email: jdavies@mumandbubs.com

Q - How long after I have given birth should I wait to try out a class?

A – We highly recommend that you wait until your cleared for physical activity by your health care provider at your 6-week checkup before participating in our fitness programs.

Q - I had a C-Section. Is it safe for me to workout?

A – We always recommend that you get cleared by your health care provider at your 6-week check-up before undertaking physical activity following a C-Section.

Once you are cleared by your health care provider you can rest assured that our instructors will provide you with modifications to each workout which are appropriate for your stage of postnatal recovery.

Q - How long are the classes?

A – Classes are one hour long with 45 minutes of physical activity including warm-up and cool down.

Q - What should I bring to class with me?

A – You should bring a water bottle, appropriate indoor running shoes and a blanket for your baby. We also recommend that you bring your baby’s favourite toy.

Q - Do you have to be a member of the gym?

A – No. Although we run our classes out of third party gym locations you do not need to be a member of that gym in order to participate in our classes.

Q - What if my baby needs to feed during class?

A – We work around our babies’ schedules. We offer a safe and supportive environment where babies are often fed, changed and cared for throughout the class. This is all part of what make Mum and Bubs such an awesome programs for moms and their babies.

Q - Do I need a specific jogging stroller to attend classes?

A – Absolutely not. Our classes are geared at new mothers and running is optional. Any type of stroller is suitable.

Q - What if it is raining out or bad weather?

A – We post class updates on our Facebook page. We recommend that you check out Facebook page prior to all classes just to make sure you are aware of any changes due to weather, facility availability, or other issues related to unforeseen circumstances.


Our classes are currently offered in Barrie and London Ontario.

Mum and Bubs Barrie

Mum and Bubs Barrie
Instructor: Samantha Smith
Phone: (705) 796-8608
Email: ssmith@mumandbubs.com


Mum and Bubs Barrie
Instructor: Samantha Smith
Phone: (705) 796-8608
Email: ssmith@mumandbubs.com

Mum and Bubs London

Mum and Bubs Barrie
Instructor: Jocelyn Shelson
Phone: (705) 305-1975
Email: jdavies@mumandbubs.com


Mum and Bubs London
Instructor: Jocelyn Shelson
Phone: (519) 630-3988
Email: jdavies@mumandbubs.com


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